IranDocTour is the first and only medical tourist agency and health care provider in Urmia, Iran. Our goal is to provide high-quality medical tourist services to foreigners, mainly from Erbil, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Turkey. IranDocTour cooperates with the most advanced hospitals and the best doctors and surgeons in Urmia.

Urmia is one of the leading cities in Iran in the field of medicine.┬áIt has some of the best doctors and surgeons in Iran which we chose them obsessively. Iran’s largest private hospital is located in this city and huge investments have been made in the healthcare industry in Urmia. In addition, Urmia is a very beautiful city and you and your family can use our sightseeing services to have a good time during treatment.

The co-founders of IranDocTour are three young doctors who have a full understanding of the needs of patients during hospitalization and treatment, Which makes it possible for us to provide you with the best medical services in the highest quality. Having medical treatment or surgery in a foreign country is difficult enough, we do everything from accommodation to treatment plans so you can focus on your treatment without worrying about anything else.

 IranDocTour will do whole arrangements for you from choosing the best doctor or surgeon in Urmia to applying for visa, booking flights and accommodation, picking up at the airport, transferring to your hotel and hospital, transportation, sightseeing and assigning a personal interpreter. Help you communicate with your doctor and provide you post-operative care and follow up.


Everything you need for accommodation and treatment in Urmia, Iran, we will do for you from zero to one hundred in the highest possible quality. IranDocTour is managed by three young and responsible physicians and a team of Professionals who fully understand your needs during treatment and hospitalization and try to meet them. 

IranDoctour's Board of Directors

Vahid Banei


Mohammadreza Abbasi

Chairman of the board

Omid Najari

Vice chairman