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Azerbaijan Specialized and Sub-Specialized Hospital started its work in 1993 to meet the specialized medical needs with the cooperation of the most experienced medical staff and the most advanced equipment. In addition to the first-level facilities and in addition to the specialty of surgery – internal medicine – obstetrics and anesthesia, it has specialists in other fields such as neurology, infectious diseases, pathology, laboratory sciences, dialysis, heart and scanning, laser center, and dentistry.

This hospital with an area of ​​26000 square meters has eleven wards which include general surgery with 46 active beds ICU with 11 active beds – internal with 38 active beds – CCU with 9 active beds – post CCU with 4 active beds – gynecological surgery with 48 beds Active – Children with 5 active beds – Childbirth with 7 active beds – Operating room with 8 active beds – Emergency with 13 active beds – Dialysis with 3 active beds. Paraclinical, it also has a clinical laboratory – radiology – pathology – ultrasonography – CT scan – endoscopy – bronchoscopy – spirometry – laser – crusher – NCU – ​​EMCS – Ees – TCD – echo – exercise test.

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