Breast Cosmetic Surgery in Urmia

  • Operation: 2 hours
  • Anesthesia: General
  • Healing: 1 _ 2 months
  • Clinic Stay: 1 Day
  • Total Stay: 7 Days
  • Back to work: 10 Days

Full Service Breast Cosmetic Surgery Packages

Breast Augmentation Package

Breast Augmentation

US$ 2350

Breast Augmentation + 3*Hotel

US$ 2590

Breast Augmentation + 4*Hotel

US$ 2690

Breast Augmentation + 5*Hotel

US$ 2890

Breast Lift Package

Breast Lift

US$ 1890

Breast Lift + 3*Hotel

US$ 2090

Breast Lift + 4*Hotel

US$ 2190

Breast Lift + 5*Hotel

US$ 2390

Breast Reduction Package

Breast Reduction

US$ 1890

Breast Reduction + 3*Hotel

US$ 2090

Breast Reduction + 4*Hotel

US$ 2190

Breast Reduction + 5*Hotel

US$ 2390

Breast Cosmetic Surgery Packages Including Free

✅ Medical Tests

✅ Pre & post Doctor Visits

✅ Medicines

✅ Medical Interpreter

✅ Airport Pickup & Drop-off

✅ Simcard & Internet

✅ Transportation

Breast Cosmetic Surgery Types & Prices


Breast Augmentation with round mentor implants

$ 2350

Breast Augmentation with anatomical mentor implants

$ 2650

Breast Lift Surgery lifting of sagging breast

$ 1890

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgery (round implant)

$ 2690

Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgery (anatomical implant)

$ 3090

Breast Reduction Surgery

$ 1890

Breast Lift & Reduction surgery

$ 2090

Why choose Iran for Breast Cosmetic Surgery?

Iran has surpassed other countries and entered the top ten in the number of cosmetic surgeries. Iran performs as many as 200,000 cosmetic surgeries every year. In the past decade, breast augmentation surgery has also expanded significantly in the country. A study published in the American Journal of Aesthetic Surgery showed that breast augmentation is one of the top five cosmetic surgeries in Iran. Therefore, Iranian surgeons have a deeper understanding of this operation, and the results of the operation are satisfactory.

Is Urmia the right choice for Breast Cosmetic Surgery?

Urmia is one of the metropolises of Iran that has a long and brilliant history in medical science. The first modern Iranian University of Medical Sciences was founded 143 years ago, in 1878 in the city of Urmia by the Americans.
Today, Urmia is one of the medical centers of Iran with its experienced doctors and surgeons, and hospitals equipped with the latest technology. This city has the largest kidney transplant center in Iran, which shows the high quality of medical services in Urmia.
Urmia is located in the province of West Azerbaijan, which annually hosts thousands of foreign patients from its three neighboring countries, namely Iraq, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Why choose IranDocTour?

 IranDocTour will do whole arrangements for you from choosing the best surgeon in Urmia to applying for visa, booking flights and accommodation, picking up at the airport, transferring to your hotel and hospital, transportation, and assigning a personal interpreter. Help you communicate with your doctor and provide you post-operative care and follow up.

How can I get my Breast Cosmetic Surgery arranged with IranDocTour?

First, you need to send the request through one of our communication channels (WhatsApp, online forms, online chat, email, etc.). We will provide you with a personal coordinator and consultant who will guide you step by step through the process. you may be asked to send some information about your past medical and surgical history for a more detailed evaluation and select the most suitable surgeon, and finally, after you decide to travel and arrange the surgery, we will do all the planning and arrangement for you.

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