Medical Dentistry in Urmia

Prevention is the best way to keep your teeth healthy. But the teeth will not stay the same forever. They will change, deteriorate, break, twist, etc. Fortunately, modern dentistry allows different types of dental procedures to be used for treatment. People are increasingly interested in dental work, especially cosmetic dental work. Since dental services are expensive in many countries/regions, some people will go abroad to seek cheaper services. Due to the low cost and high quality of dental services, Iran has attracted the attention of foreign patients in recent years.

Why Iran?

When you schedule your dental treatments with IranDocTour, you can be sure that everything is in order. We will handle your visa, pick you up at the airport, book your hotel, take you where you need to go, take care of you during your stay in Iran.

Why Urmia?

Urmia is one of the metropolises of Iran that has a long and brilliant history in medical science. The first modern Iranian University of Medical Sciences was founded 143 years ago, in 1878 in the city of Urmia by the Americans.
Today, Urmia is one of the medical centers of Iran with its experienced doctors and surgeons, and hospitals equipped with the latest technology. This city has the largest kidney transplant center in Iran, which shows the high quality of medical services in Urmia.
Urmia is located in the province of West Azerbaijan, which annually hosts thousands of foreign patients from its three neighboring countries, namely Iraq, Turkey, and Azerbaijan.

Why choose IranDocTour?

 IranDocTour will do whole arrangements for you from choosing the best Doctor in Urmia to applying for visa, booking flights and accommodation, picking up at the airport, transferring to your hotel and hospital, transportation, and assigning a personal interpreter. Help you communicate with your doctor and provide you post-operative care and follow up.

How can I get my Medical Dentistry arranged with IranDocTour?

First, you need to send the request through one of our communication channels (WhatsApp, online forms, online chat, email, etc.). We will provide you with a personal coordinator and consultant who will guide you step by step through the process. you may be asked to send some information about your past medical and surgical history for a more detailed evaluation and select the most suitable doctor, and finally, after you decide to travel and arrange the procedure, we will do all the planning and arrangement for you.