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🔵 Surgery

🔵 Paraclinical Tests

🔵 Hotel

🔵 Interpreter

🔵 Transportation

🔵 Surgery

🔵 Paraclinical Tests

🔵 Hotel

🔵 Interpreter

🔵 Transportation

🔵 Surgery

🔵 Paraclinical Tests

🔵 Hotel

🔵 Interpreter

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Why choose Urmia for treatment?

Milad Hospital Urmia,Iran

Urmia has well-equipped hospitals that are ready to provide services to foreign patients. Urmia has the largest private hospital in Iran, named Milad Hospital which is also considered as one of the first smart hospitals in Iran.

The first modern Iranian University of Medical Sciences was founded 143 years ago, in 1878 in the city of Urmia by the Americans. The city has always had experienced doctors and highly skilled surgeons. In addition, IranDocTour cooperates only with the best of doctors.

Urmia is one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. This city with its historical sites, stunning nature, and modern urban facilities has always been of interest to tourists from around the world.

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● Start your journey

4- Arrival in Iran

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● Preoperative affairs and getting ready for treatment

● Go to the hospital and receive treatment

● Postoperative care and recovery

●  Visit Urmia as a tourist(optional)

5- Depart and arrive Home

● Forthcoming follow-up

● Keep in touch with your doctor/surgeon through us


IranDocTour is a medical tourism agency located in Urmia, Iran, offering affordable and high-quality medical and tourism services. According to our mission which is providing world class medical services to foreign people, IranDocTour cooperates only with the most professional doctors and surgeons and the best private hospitals and clinics. IranDocTour  provide any kind of medical and cosmetic care based on your requirements. procedures like  plastic surgery, such as rhinoplasty, liposuction, breast augmentation and lifting, facial lift, hair transplantation, weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, bypass, balloon), eye surgery, infertility treatment, heart surgery, orthopedic surgery (knee replacement, ankle replacement, etc.), treatment of various cancers, and more.

The trip is organized by IranDocTour, and a mutually agreed timetable is established, and the entire travel and treatment process is carried out according to the timetable. In terms of services and costs, there are no hidden costs or additional costs outside of the agreement. Therefore, the patient does not have to worry about extra costs during the trip.

Iran is one of the popular countries that known for its high quality cosmetic services. the country is called the  World Capital of Rhinoplasty  . modern hospitals and clinics with high technology, as well as experienced doctors and surgeons, keep Iran at the forefront of the medical world. IranDocTour provide expert consultation to a large number of patients free of charge around the world. We offering full service healthcare and tourism packages, including world class medical services, VIP services, transparency and patient privacy protection. Experience beyond your expectations.


Everything you need for accommodation and treatment in Urmia, Iran, we will do for you from zero to one hundred in the highest possible quality. IranDocTour is managed by three young and responsible physicians and a team of Professionals who fully understand your needs during treatment and hospitalization and try to meet them. 

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